Chapter 7: Eat or Be Eaten

The next morning feels somewhat ominous, and not just because I’m finally going to tackle Aela’s assignment and clear out a den full of unknown beasts.  There’s a distinct chill in the air and it feels like rain might be on the way.  Glancing at the skies, I send a small wordless prayer to Kynareth that she might hold the rain off for a few more hours.  Of course, given that I recently pummeled one of Kynareth’s priestesses — y’know what, never mind!  Forget I even asked!

With the skins I collected yesterday, I craft Jenassa a cloak and a fur-lined hood.  Those long pointy elf ears look like they could get cold easily.   She doesn’t accept them graciously, but she concedes that they might be a good idea.

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Chapter 6: Chill Out

Next day I awaken to a rather cool morning, and my campfire has been reduced to a small circle of glowing coals. After a breakfast of cheese, bread, and lavender tea, I pack up my tent and I’m back on the hunt. I’ll need a few more hides and alchemy ingredients before I return to Whiterun.

I decide to hike uphill to find a good vantage point. I want to observe the lay of the land (and hopefully avoid any surprise ambushes).  I’m trudging up a fairly steep incline when I suddenly hear howling close by.  Unwilling to be wolf chow again, this time I summon Mr. Wuffles and ready my bow.

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