Chapter 52: A Likely Story

The next day dawns bright and clear, one of those perfect days that seem to be made of endless sunshine.  As I emerge from the tent and take a deep breath of the rarefied mountain air, it seems to infuse me with limitless energy.  I have a good feeling about today.  The plan is to head through the woods to Shor’s Stone in order to deliver the satchel of letters from Sylgja’s parents, and hopefully find a cave bear pelt along the way.

But as I contemplate our arrangements, I have to admit to a slight feeling of disappointment that our plans are so modest.  This day seems made for grand adventures, daring quests, amazing acts of brilliance and bravery.   Hopefully we’ll run into something exciting… well, except dragons.  I don’t want to see any dragons.  Dragons are scary.   For that matter, so are trolls.   And giants.   On second thought, never mind.  Forget I said anything.

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Chapter 51: Enemy of My Enemy

As Jenassa and I reach for our weapons and enter the cave, my instincts tell me there’s something strange about it.  The way our footsteps echo off the cavern walls seems odd, as if the cave is trying to swallow the sounds we’re making.   I can’t determine the cause, and I find myself slowing down a little more than usual as we proceed.

Up ahead, we hear noises that prove the cavern is indeed occupied by animals — but far from hearing the deep growl of bears or the strident yowl of sabre cats, these noises are more like high-pitched squeaks.  Great.  We seem to have found a cave full of skeevers.  I can’t imagine more useless prey for a couple of relatively experienced hunters, and this certainly won’t help with our assignment from Aela.

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