The Story Continues (Soon)!

Sorry to keep everyone waiting! I’ve had quite a long break, but pretty soon I’ll be back and writing. I hope everyone’s been staying safe — it’s a strange and scary time with this pandemic. At least now there are several vaccines available, so we’re better off than we were last time I was working on this blog.

There are a couple of Skyrim mods that have been updated in the meantime, so I’ll have to do some testing on my game first. As well, there’s a persistent glitch that’s shown up on this blog in the past week or so, and I want to get that sorted out. Fortunately it’s not visible on the reader’s end (I don’t think), but it’s quite annoying on my end. WordPress support is currently looking into it.

With that being said, I’m planning to get back into the swing of things by the end of next month at the latest. So until then, take care, stay safe, and watch this space!

Update (May 21st): I’m still working out some issues, so looks like it’s going to be another week or two. (Or maybe longer.)

One thought on “The Story Continues (Soon)!

  1. You sent this to me a while back after an accidental PM on LHC, and even though I couldn’t always read the pictures, I enjoyed working my way through this story. I am looking forward to whenever you get back to it!


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