Chapter 11: That Escalated Quickly

The sunset view from Bleak Falls Barrow is truly inspiring, but Jenassa and I have only a short time to appreciate it.   Night is falling and we’d rather not spend it in a small tent perched on a cold stony cliff, nor do we want to trudge all the way back through the barrow.   That leaves us with only one option — try to get down from this cliff without breaking our necks.

We manage a slow descent from the cliff by jumping from rock to rock until finally our feet touch the forest floor.  However, by this time it’s quite a bit darker, which makes it hard to find a good place to camp.   Also, from the sound of all the howling and snarling, there’s a wolf pack somewhere behind us.  We start making tracks in general direction of Riverwood.

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Chapter 12: Living Legends

I force myself to put one foot in front of the other as Jenassa and I walk out of Dragonsreach.  There appears to be no way out of this mess, at least not without making things worse, so I might as well get it over with.  I just hope dragons kill their victims quickly.  I’ve seen the roasted corpses of Helgen, and I have no doubt that I’m heading straight toward my doom.

Jenassa finally realizes that I’m not all sunshine and rainbows.   She suggests we take a detour through the town to a shrine and obtain a blessing.  Fine, whatever.  I guess it can’t hurt.

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Chapter 13: Slow Going

After leaving Dragonsreach, I make a point of dropping in on the Companions to inform them of recent events — namely, that there are dragons on the loose and I seem to be the local dragon-catcher.  I mention the Jarl’s insistence that I go to visit the Greybeards, and that I’ll be heading out in the morning.

The reaction is mixed.  Most of the whelps are polite but somewhat suspicious, as if they think I’ve invented this story to make myself seem important.  The exception is Ria.  She actually looks a bit weepy, and says she’ll hunt a bear for me while I’m away so that I don’t owe Aela anything.   The last thing I’m concerned about is that third bear pelt, but I give her a hug and thank her.

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Chapter 14: Truth in the Rumours

When Jenassa and I reach the Ivarstead barrow, it’s still early evening. The sun hasn’t set completely and the barrow looks tranquil in the fading light. The very idea that this place might be haunted seems absurd.

However, there’s also very little evidence that the barrow is a bandit hideout. I don’t have extensive experience with bandits, but every time we’ve stumbled on a hideout it’s remarkably obvious by the time we get within a stone’s throw — usually because we’re busy dodging arrows and getting swarmed by poorly-geared ruffians with lousy personal hygiene.

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Chapter 15: Pilgrim’s Progress

Jenassa and I wake up bright and early the next morning.  There’s a lot to do before we head out.  We check over our gear, pack some extra provisions, and eat a hearty breakfast.  We’ve got a long road ahead and those seven thousand steps aren’t going to climb themselves.

The innkeeper has plainly seen all this before from many previous patrons who have made the same journey.  He makes a few reasonable suggestions of what to take and what to leave behind, as we intend to bring only what we’re likely to need.  However, not every piece of advice he offers is helpful.

Some valuable advice right there.
Thanks, Doctor Obvious.

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Chapter 16: Miss Popularity

Next morning as Jenassa and I are having breakfast, we overhear a conversation between the innkeeper and another one of the townsfolk.  It seems this guy is well acquainted with Klimmek, the man we met on the bridge yesterday who gave us the sack of preserved food.  The two of them appear to be in business together as the local fishmongers.

Sounds like the Greybeards eat a lot of dried fish.  In fact, that probably accounts for most of their diet.  And I thought living on top of a frozen rock was bad enough.

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Chapter 17: Banishing Shadows

As I step out of Jorrvaskr the next morning, it’s hard to believe that the sun is up.  The sky is heavy with dark clouds and the smell of rain is in the air.  Great.  Today Jenassa and I are supposed to travel to Mount Kilkreath near Solitude, but it doesn’t look like the weather is going to make it easy.

The wind is rising as I walk briskly to the Drunken Huntsman to meet Jenassa.  The sky grows steadily darker and low rumbles of thunder roll down from the mountains.  By the time I get to the tavern, it’s already starting to drizzle.

Not the most auspicious start.
Not the most auspicious start.

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