Chapter 68: Closing Ranks

Early mornings at the Helgen keep are a busy time.  The sleeping soldiers are awakened soon after dawn, as their beds will be needed by the guards who were recently on night watch duty.  From my seat at the table, I watch as the soldiers organize their gear and sharpen their weapons in readiness for the upcoming sentry rotation.  Amid the hustle, Jenassa swiftly packs away our bedrolls as Marcus finishes his tankard, picks up a broom, and starts sweeping the floor.  Ten septims says he volunteered for this duty in order to remain useful.

I’m feeling like a sloth in the midst of all this bustling activity, so after the soldiers file out of the room, I walk up to Marcus and offer my help with whatever is needed.  To my surprise, he says that he’s been waiting for a chance to discuss that very topic, and asks if we’d mind delaying our breakfast for a few moments.  Curious, Jenassa and I encourage him to continue, and without even a pause in the rhythm of his work, he begins his explanation.

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Chapter 69: Housing Development

Naturally, after learning from the Falkreath guards that they suspect the presence of a werewolf, both Jenassa and I are rather anxious to return to our homestead — for just slightly different reasons.  It doesn’t take us long to wrap up our business in town, which we conclude in tense silence — save for the occasional brief remark such as, “We need some more broadhead arrows,” or “Let’s pick up another case of mead.”

In the meantime, my head is buzzing with questions.  Where exactly did I go last night?  How many people are dead?  Did I kill them all or was some other werewolf around?  What really worries me is that I have a clear memory of chasing deer, but not of eating any — and I have a clear memory of eating humans, but not of chasing any.  At least not for any distance.  Perhaps this feeling of disorientation is what Sinding felt when he killed that little girl.

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Chapter 70: Most Wanted

Next morning, I awaken in the middle of a large comfortable bed with a soft pillow under my head, and for a moment I’m not entirely certain where I am.  The accommodations certainly seem top-notch, however.  Is this an upscale inn?  A friendly noble’s dwelling?  Then I remember that this is my own house, and that I’m the noble — at least here in the region of Falkreath.  Grinning, I sink back down under the warm bedding and stretch out, slowly and luxuriously.   It’s good to be Thane.

Now that my brain is starting to work again, I piece together more details from my surroundings.  From what I can tell, Jenassa seems to be downstairs and in the middle of breakfast.  I can’t hear anything from the housecarl’s room, so I assume she’s already outside on patrol.  I suppose I must’ve slept in — not too surprising, given recent events.  Especially that whole rampaging werewolf thing.  Which I’m refusing to think about right now, since that would ruin the first morning in my newly remodeled house — sorry, I mean manor.  I’ve never had a manor before, and by the Divines, I’m determined to enjoy it while I can.

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