Chapter 28: Nightmare Fuel

Even though there aren’t that many people in the small mining outpost of Kynesgrove, most of them head over to the inn later that night.  Everyone seems to know what happened up there on the hill, and the townsfolk drag us back out of our room and lead us to a table, laughing and pushing full frothing mugs into our hands.  Just like in Morthal, once again Jenassa and I are in the middle of an admiring and grateful crowd.

This time there’s no reason to pace myself, so I happily drink all the mead that’s handed to me as the miners offer toast after toast in our honour.  Soon I’m so knackered that I can barely walk.  I guess I must’ve made it to the bed somehow, because that night in the Braidwood Inn, as I sleep all warm and cozy next to my wonderful girlfriend, I have the strangest dream.

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Chapter 27: Crisis Management

Jenassa and I stand on the steps of the Sleeping Giant Inn and watch Delphine make her way to Kynesgrove.  I guess the hospitality business isn’t all that profitable in a small town like Riverwood if the owner of the inn can’t even afford a horse.   Might as well help her out by staying here overnight, because we’re certainly not going back out on the road so soon after that long ride from Morthal.   If Delphine wants to camp out somewhere on the road overnight, that’s her prerogative.  We’ll catch up with her tomorrow soon enough.

Then my girlfriend mentions that we have a letter to deliver in Whiterun.  Say what?  Did someone appoint me as the new courier and no one told me?  My confusion must be obvious, since Jenassa reminds me of the Jarl’s daughter back in Morthal, who gave us a note to deliver to Danica about her little brother.  Oh!  Right!  The weird kid who never saw a Breton before.  I’m sure I still have that letter somewhere… don’t I?

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Chapter 26: Hornswoggled

After clearing out the remaining treasure from the depths of Ustengrav, we find our way out of the ancient ruins just as the sun is starting to set.  Our plan is to return to Morthal, report to the Jarl, and stay the night at the inn.  After that, we’ll make our way straight to Riverwood to recover the horn of Jurgen Windcaller from whomever removed it from its resting place — and if we’re dissatisfied with their explanation, that horn might well become a permanent part of their anatomy.

The evening air is chilly and carries with it more than a hint of snow.  It feels like there’s a storm on the way, but it’s impossible to tell how far off it is.  The wind from the Sea of Ghosts blows constantly over these marshlands, channeled between the mountains on either side, making weather prediction difficult at best.  We don’t waste any time — we immediately mount our horses and head toward Morthal.  The last thing we want is to be caught in a blizzard and forced to take shelter in this frigid swamp.

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Chapter 25: Not The Swiftest

Jenassa and I have a lovely picnic close to the engraved wall in Ustengrav.  Although the food is plain since it’s from our travel supplies, the short rest is refreshing and the view is gorgeous.  The scenery looks pretty nice, too.

But soon we agree that it’s time to push on.  We still have the horn of Jurgen Windcaller to find, and I’m starting to be a bit concerned that we haven’t found it yet.  This place is truly vast, and we have no idea how large — or small — the artifact might be.  We talk it over, and decide to keep following the obvious route forward.  Technically the horn could be hiding anywhere, on top of a pillar or under a rock, but I’ll be in Oblivion before I’ll turn over this entire place trying to find it.   I have other priorities, such as having a life.

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Chapter 24: Down To Earth

In the soft light of dawn, Jenassa and I ride through the damp grassy marsh in search of the entrance to Ustengrav.  Since our previous explorations were to the northwest of Morthal, we decide to head northeast this time, roughly following the rising sun.  Soon the terrain begins to slope upward and the ground becomes less boggy as the soil gives way to bedrock.  In the distance we can make out some upright stones that appear to be weathered and worn, some leaning at odd angles.   We turn our horses in that direction and continue to ascend the hillside.

Near the standing stones, we find a large, perfectly circular hole descending straight into the ground.  The hole is lined with tightly-fitted stones, forming a rim that has become mossy and scarred with time, but still appears solid.  I glance back at Jenassa, and she nods.  Something tells me we’re on the right track.

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Chapter 23: Hot Blooded

I have to admit, leading a lynch mob is an exhilarating experience.  There’s something about an angry, roaring, torch-wielding crowd of vigilantes that demands attention from even the most jaded observer.  It also does wonders for your motivation.  The last thing I want to do is wimp out in front of this gang, as I have a feeling they’d rip out my organs with their bare hands and leave my wretched remains rotting in the marsh.  Compared to that, facing down a few vampires doesn’t sound all that bad.

We charge through the town and storm our way through the swamp.  The vampire den isn’t all that far, and pretty soon we can see the entrance.  It’s not even hidden or hard to find.  Given its proximity to Morthal, I’m surprised the townsfolk haven’t already dealt with these undead abominations.  I suppose they just needed a good excuse.  Either that, or the mead at the inn was stronger than usual tonight.

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