Intermission: Summer Break

Hello all, now that we’ve actually reached Chapter 100 (crazy, right?!), I’ve decided to take a bit of time off from this blog. We’re heading into the summer months now and that’s usually a busy time for us, but it looks like this year will be even more so. Among other things, we’re making a deliberate effort to significantly increase the production of our vegetable garden this year, just in case there are any food supply chain interruptions due to the coronavirus.

In addition, I expect to have more issues with migraines in the short term. I need to make some adjustments to my medication, so while that’s going on, keeping to a regular posting schedule is going to be difficult.

I’m not sure when this blog will resume, as it’s going to depend on several factors, but it’s safe to say I’ll be on break for several weeks.  However, during that time I’ll be continuing with the adventure at my own pace, so that I’ll have multiple chapters ready to go when I’m back. (Unless Morien suddenly dies, of course — but let’s hope that doesn’t happen!)

So for now, the story will be bookmarked, as it were. In the meantime, stay safe, take care of yourselves, and as always, thanks so much for reading!

Chapter 100: Slaying the Spire

Kynareth save me, these spriggans are fast!   From the corner of my eye, I catch a glimpse of Jenassa’s startled face as I speed past her, with the enemy close behind.  The rest of the world collapses into one endless moment of terror.  It seems as if, all my life, I’ve always been running down this path, always felt my heart about to burst from my chest, always heard the blood pounding in my ears.   And on some level, I’m aware that if I lose my footing, I won’t have to worry about the spriggans killing me — the fall will take care of that in no time.

Just as my aching legs are about to collapse, I become aware of other noises behind me — the sounds of sudden combat.   I don’t seem to be getting hit, so I’m pretty sure it doesn’t involve me for once — and in that moment, my sense of time snaps back to its normal shape.  I decide to risk turning around for a look, and immediately curse the structure of this extreme slope.  Since the spire blocks my view of the actual path, I can’t see a damn thing.

But even though my eyes aren’t giving me much information, my ears still work just fine — and the combat I’m hearing definitely involves Jenassa.  Unless there’s someone else around here that knows how to swear in Dunmer, it’s clear that she’s successfully distracted the enemy.

That realization cuts through the last of my fear.  With my wife’s safety now uppermost in my mind, I skid to a halt, barely managing to avoid going straight over the edge.  Swiftly drawing forth Dawnbreaker, I spin around to confront any spriggan who might still be hard on my heels — but much to my relief, there’s no longer anyone there.

I’d thank the Divines, but I’ll settle for thanking my wife.

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