A Foolish Little Chapter

After a miserable rainy night stuck in a leaky tent, Jenassa and I decide to head to Solitude as soon as possible — and avoid any distractions such as bandits, sabre cats, corpses, dragons, small pathetic-looking children, and any other forms of Skyrim wildlife.  Fortunately the road is totally clear and completely safe for once, and in no time at all we find ourselves walking through the city gates.

Y’know, this sure beats being on the road all the time.  Maybe we should just settle down here.

My wife and I have already decided on the way here that Delphine is completely off her Thalmor-obsessed rocker, so when we see her, we waste no time in telling her to go stick her head in a sweetroll.  Of course she’s plenty annoyed, but there’s not much she can do about it.  Blade or no Blade, she’s well past her prime, and she doesn’t have anyone around to back up her crazy delusions.  Besides, Jenassa and I can easily take her by this point.  (Especially Jenassa.)

Now it’s just a matter of deciding how we want to spend the rest of our days in Skyrim’s largest and most sophisticated city.  As we’re discussing this, we overhear a couple of guards talking about a large building for sale and standing empty. We can easily afford it, but it’s clearly zoned for business rather than residential.  There’s no point in starting up another tavern like the one I used to own back in High Rock, since Solitude already has the Winking Skeever.  We’re talking over possible options, and trying to decide what type of business the rich snobs of Solitude might patronize, when suddenly it comes to me.  We have so many souvenirs of our adventures by now — let’s open an art gallery!

Perfect!  These Solitude city-slickers will be simply throwing septims at us!

No sooner said than done.  In just a few short weeks, the ultra-sophisticated Bliss of Solitude Art Gallery opens to wide acclaim — by anyone who actually matters, of course.   Naturally, the vast majority of Skyrim’s population cares about as much as the average skeever, but that type of person isn’t part of our clientele.

Paintings, sculptures, installations — the B.S. Art Gallery has it all!

And soon, with our new status as Solitude’s premier sophisticates, we’re both made Thanes and are invited to move into an unused and newly-renovated wing of the Blue Palace.  (There’s some superstitious talk about it being haunted, but those people are just jealous.)  We leave Lydia in charge of Breezehome, and bring our beloved daughter Lucia to live here with us — where we all live happily ever after.

My brand-new office as Skyrim’s first art director.  What a journey it’s been!  Ta ta, my lovelies!


3 thoughts on “A Foolish Little Chapter

  1. 😂 you totally got me! I was like…I think the author just really got over writing this… either that or both characters got killed by a wolf or something random….

    Oh thank god its still going!

    Liked by 1 person

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