Announcement to all my wonderful readers: 

Since I started writing Survivin’ Skyrim back in September, I’ve been playing as Morien and posting about her adventures twice a week, with fortunately very few interruptions.  It’s now the month of May, and while I’m delighted that my character has yet to see her final death, I feel that it’s time for a break.  The last thing I want is to burn out before her story ends.

Therefore, the blog will be put on hold for a few weeks here at Chapter 60.   I realize I’m leaving the story on a bit of a cliffhanger, but hopefully all of you will find it in your hearts to forgive me.  The site will still be accessible during this time, so feel free to visit, tell your friends about the blog, or leave a comment.

Finally, as a writer it’s been amazing to see all the encouragement and appreciation, and for that I thank you.  I’m also curious to see how Morien’s story ultimately ends since I haven’t played through all of it yet, so in the immortal words of the Terminator — I’LL BE BACK. 

Take care and see you in a few weeks!


Chapter 58: Lunar Eclipse

Just before dawn the next morning, I suddenly find myself wide awake.  Jenassa is still asleep, and I gently ease myself from the furs in an effort not to wake her — not an easy feat, given the small dimensions of our bed.  As I slowly swing my feet around and stand up, she mumbles and turns over.  I stop moving and hold my breath, but fortunately she drifts off again.

I exhale in relief and reach for my backpack.  Before I even bother with my clothes, I find myself frantically rummaging for some food.  I’m absolutely starving.  As quietly as I can, I grab anything from our provisions that looks remotely edible and stuff it in my face.  Bread, cheese, sweetrolls, cold stew, apples, raw carrots, half a cabbage… they all disappear with surprising speed.  When my hunger is finally sated, I’m shocked at how little food is left.

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Chapter 53: Special Delivery

Back on the road again, Jenassa and I ride until we find a relatively open area of the woods through which we can travel.  The plan is to head due east until we reach Shor’s Stone.  If we were to continue on the road, we’d either have to backtrack through Eastmarch or find ourselves close to Riften, and neither sounds like a good idea.  Besides, we’ve traveled over most of this route before, so hopefully our previous journey will have cleared the way of dangers.

We head south for a short distance, then turn off the road and into the forest.  Fortunately the clear weather is continuing to hold, and the bright sunshine illuminates the beauty of the golden autumnal forest.  Following the rocky ridge of the highlands, we ride toward the direction of the rising sun.

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