Announcement to all my wonderful readers: 

Since I started writing Survivin’ Skyrim back in September, I’ve been playing as Morien and posting about her adventures twice a week, with fortunately very few interruptions.  It’s now the month of May, and while I’m delighted that my character has yet to see her final death, I feel that it’s time for a break.  The last thing I want is to burn out before her story ends.

Therefore, the blog will be put on hold for a few weeks here at Chapter 60.   I realize I’m leaving the story on a bit of a cliffhanger, but hopefully all of you will find it in your hearts to forgive me.  The site will still be accessible during this time, so feel free to visit, tell your friends about the blog, or leave a comment.

Finally, as a writer it’s been amazing to see all the encouragement and appreciation, and for that I thank you.  I’m also curious to see how Morien’s story ultimately ends since I haven’t played through all of it yet, so in the immortal words of the Terminator — I’LL BE BACK. 

Take care and see you in a few weeks!


5 thoughts on “Intermission

    1. Aw, thank you so much! Coming from one of my regular readers, that means a lot. And thanks for all the Likes as well! You and all my other readers are the best motivators a writer could have.


  1. Well, finally caught up. Very well done; you’ve got a great style that naturally draws in the reader.

    As a former Written Communications / Imaginitve Writing major, I feel I’d be remiss in complimenting without mentioning the one bit of constructive criticism which struck me as I read. The occasional mentions of modern Earth tech/colloquialisms (flamethrower, “kthx”, etc.) tended to pull me out of the story. I wasn’t sure what tone you were going for when I started reading, so originally let it go as it seemed you were just making clever Out Of Character observations.

    As the story went on, you’ve added fewer and fewer of these mentions (usually in captions under the screenshots), so it seems you’re focusing more on the In-character story. In which case (if this were being turned in for a writing assignment or to be published elsewhere (which, admittedly, is unlikely due to copyright issues (don’t you love rested parenthesis? (I do)))) you’d want to edit those out.

    Despite that, they’re almost always pretty hilarious; so I don’t find them problematic. It’s your blog, and you should write it how it works for you. Just wanted to mention the change in tone when it happens. Several chapters back, the “hiding the dictionary” comment really had me laughing — but I was so into the story that I clicked and kept reading the next couple chapters without commenting on it. That means you’ve definitely got me hooked. 🙂

    Finally, outside the story, but in the game, I’m curious what kinds of skill perks Morien has been buying (if any). She certainly uses the bow a lot, but well over haflway through I noted a screenshot where she did 2.0 damage with a stealth shot, meaning she hadn’t put anything into the stealth perk for 3.0 damage, which seems a likely one for her to use. Especially since, while she’s not a “stealth archer” per se, she does tend to go into a crouch and take out her bow when she enters a new cave/dungeon.

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    1. Wow, thanks for the amazingly detailed comment! I’m honoured! I’ll try to address everything here.

      The modern slang/colloquialisms were something that came up on their own at first, but like you mentioned, I didn’t want to overuse them. I was aware of the change in tone, but I felt they had their place, so I eventually decided to confine them to the captions. The captions are where my voice (as the player) is allowed to break through every so often. Because they’re often just used for humour, I don’t consider them as seriously as I do the rest of the narrative — if that makes sense. And no, this is not being published elsewhere (nor is it a writing assignment (but I’m sure you already figured that out (cuz you seem smart like that (and yes, nested parentheses are awesome)))). 😉

      Morien’s skill perks: I’d have to check for the full list, as I haven’t played her in about three weeks, but you’re right that I haven’t dropped any skill points into the Sneak tree. That tree gets overpowered pretty fast, and I didn’t want to have a lot of one-shot kills on Morien because actual fights make for better screenshots. I tend to only take it when I’m playing more of an assassin/thief character. I admit that I do have her in sneak mode quite often, because although she’s gotten much better as a fighter, she’s also not reckless. Sneaking gives you a couple of extra seconds to scout out the place (and take screenshots!) — but because of my other skill points, I still often get one-shot kills anyway. I have perks in Archery (duh), One-Handed, Block, Light Armour, a couple in Smithing and Alchemy, and I’d have to look up the others. I don’t have a wide spread of perks, and I’m not trying to make Morien super-efficient — because she wouldn’t be. She tends to wing it and hope stuff works out.

      Thanks again for the great comment, I really appreciated it — and hope I answered most of your questions!


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