Chapter 10: The Quick & the Dead

The following day dawns clear and bright.  I walk down the steps of Jorrvaskr, meet up with Jenassa, and we head straight to the market.  Our bags are heavy with yesterday’s haul and we have a lot of trading to do.  These mammoth tusks in particular are ridiculously awkward to carry — I can’t wait to be rid of them all.

Fortunately they seem to be a popular item.  We don’t even make it to Belethor’s before we have an interested party.  Y’know what, just take one.  No charge.

Wait, you want to travel around in a dusty wagon with a bunch of nomads? Erm... live the dream, I guess?
Wait, you want to travel around in a wagon with a bunch of nomads? Can I have your house?

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Chapter 9: Slash and Burn

The rain pours down, cold and relentless, but I pay no notice as I walk the plains of Whiterun.  My shock and sorrow give way to anger, a righteous fury that burns hot and feeds on pain.  Inwardly I rail at the treachery, the injustice, the sheer depth of calculated malice from a trusted partner who arranged my death.

I hear swift sodden footsteps in the wet grass behind me and I whirl around, weapon drawn, ready to attack any unfortunate intruder who might consider me an easy target. Through the rain, a blurry figure resolves into Jenassa. She’s running to catch up with me, still holding the letter that revealed the depth of my partner’s betrayal.

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Chapter 8: When It Rains, It Pours

Next day, I ask Jenassa to stay at the inn while I dash over to the Companions.  Outside it doesn’t look promising.  It stopped raining, but the sky is low and overcast.  Looks like more bad weather is headed our way.

As I ascend the steps to the mead hall, I’m inclined to ask Aela what in Oblivion she was thinking to send me into a troll den.  But then I recall she said when she gave me the assignment that no one had positively identified the beasts. Fine. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt… for now.

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Chapter 7: Eat or Be Eaten

The next morning feels somewhat ominous, and not just because I’m finally going to tackle Aela’s assignment and clear out a den full of unknown beasts.  There’s a distinct chill in the air and it feels like rain might be on the way.  Glancing at the skies, I send a small wordless prayer to Kynareth that she might hold the rain off for a few more hours.  Of course, given that I recently pummeled one of Kynareth’s priestesses — y’know what, never mind!  Forget I even asked!

With the skins I collected yesterday, I craft Jenassa a cloak and a fur-lined hood.  Those long pointy elf ears look like they could get cold easily.   She doesn’t accept them graciously, but she concedes that they might be a good idea.

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Chapter 6: Chill Out

Next day I awaken to a rather cool morning, and my campfire has been reduced to a small circle of glowing coals. After a breakfast of cheese, bread, and lavender tea, I pack up my tent and I’m back on the hunt. I’ll need a few more hides and alchemy ingredients before I return to Whiterun.

I decide to hike uphill to find a good vantage point. I want to observe the lay of the land (and hopefully avoid any surprise ambushes).  I’m trudging up a fairly steep incline when I suddenly hear howling close by.  Unwilling to be wolf chow again, this time I summon Mr. Wuffles and ready my bow.

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Chapter 5: Wilderness Challenge

The next day, first thing after breakfast, I grab my gear and head out to the Jorrvaskr training yard.  If yesterday’s hunting trip demonstrated anything, it’s that I definitely need to practice my hunting skills.  The last thing I want is to be at the mercy of another malevolent moose.

I was hoping I’d have the yard to myself, but several of the Companions are here ahead of me — specifically Farkas, Vilkas, and Skjor.  I haven’t seen much of Skjor yet as he seems to keep to himself, but he’s one of the elders and very much respected within the ranks.  Great.  So now most of the veteran Companions are about to witness my ineptitude with basic weaponry.  I almost turn around and go right back inside, but that’s not going to help me next time I have to face down an angry beast.

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Chapter 4: Beastly Behaviour

Before I turn in, Farkas offers me some work for the following day: intimidate someone who’s been causing trouble in Whiterun.  He doesn’t get more specific than that, other than to tell me the name of my target.  Naturally it’s someone I haven’t met, so I pretty much know nothing else.  I accept the job, of course.  Wouldn’t do to refuse my very first assignment (especially in front of Farkas!) and it seems I have to build some status with the Companions before I’m considered to be one of them.  I might be in, for now, but it’s apparent I’m on trial.

The next day I’m off to get the job done.  I’m feeling pretty confident — after all, I shamed the farmer into helping that weird little guy with the cart, right?  So I just have to do whatever it was I did before.  No problem.  This so-called troublemaker will be putty in my hands.

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